Some members will be happy to return to office working, particularly on a hybrid basis. The biggest danger for those who don’t want to or can’t is that, outraged by what Lloyds is demanding, they repudiate their contracts of employment by refusing apparently legitimate and reasonable management requests.

If you really are not prepared to go back to office working and don’t need to work or are prepared to work elsewhere, given what you can now see is the Lloyds agenda, you may not be too concerned about all this.

But if, on the other hand, like most people you need a job, you will need to manage your consultation with the Bank carefully, avoiding rash statements or positions that come back to bite you.

We want to help members with that.

Speak To Us Now

We expect to receive many hundreds of requests for advice and representation in a short period. To achieve the high standards we set, we will need to structure the advice process and you will be able to help us by:

1. Registering now the fact that you believe you may need advice or representation. This will let us get on the front foot. We will ask you some basic questions which will take two minutes to answer (see below).

2. We will then advise you in writing before you have any ‘conversations’ with your managers.

This process will of course be entirely confidential.

To complete the questionnaire, please visit:

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