The Benefits Of BTU Membership

The Problem

The Bank has HR professionals to advise it and can certainly afford to get the legal advice that can place its staff at a serious disadvantage. Against organisations with massive resources it’s always an unfair contest unless employees balance the odds.

BTU Has The Solution!

BTU offers its members the advice, support and where necessary the protection they need to get a fair deal at work.

We’ll help you with any work-related problem, guiding you through the minefield that is the modern workplace, ensuring your legal rights are protected and giving practical advice on how you can lift the pressure of the sort of problems that most of us face during our careers. We’ll represent you in any grievance or disciplinary procedures, and if necessary present your case at the Employment Tribunal.

The cost of bringing even a strong unfair dismissal case before the Employment Tribunal could be £9,000 or more if you retain lawyers.

BTU membership ‘insures’ that risk and if we take your case we will meet all the costs.

And We’re The Only Independent Union In Lloyds Banking Group

When the chips are down, you’ll want to be confident that the people representing you are on your side and not your employer’s.

The Bank has approved Accord and Unite because it knows they lack the will and resources needed to defend staff collectively in negotiations and individually in grievance and disciplinary cases.

They are quite simply in the Bank’s pocket.

In this hostile climate, BTU’s professionalism is critical, with all representation done by Full-Time Officials, not amateurs who work for the Bank.

But independence is equally important and all our officials are employed by our members, not the Bank. They don’t need to worry about their next Balanced Scorecard or fear upsetting someone senior. Our members are their only priority and that’s a critical difference between us and other unions.

Your Job Is Valuable Protect It!

In the past we’ve heard some people who don’t want to join a union say:

“Well, if I had a problem I’d represent myself.”

“I’d get a lawyer to sort out any problems.”

“If I have a disciplinary I’ll just leave.”

People who think they can represent themselves in an area as complex as employment law really are asking for trouble when the Bank employs an army of HR professionals backed up by a legal team.

And the idea of getting advice from a lawyer, who won’t be able to represent them in internal hearings anyway, at between £250 and £400 an hour, is a bit fanciful.

But the silliest argument of the lot is that you could just leave and get another job.

With some 1.45m people out of work, employers can pick and choose and with a queue of other people for every job a bad reference is not likely to make someone one of the most attractive candidates!

It’s Not All About Disciplinary Cases!

The Union’s Advice Team understands the problems members face on a daily basis and the difficulties they can encounter in making their voices heard in a large organisation.

They’ll advise you on any matter that could affect your work.

BTU members call on us to sort out issues such as:

  • Job Security
  • Contracts
  • Pay Issues
  • Working Hours
  • Work Options
  • Mobility
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Sickness
  • Harassment
  • Bullying
  • Discrimination

And our service doesn’t just relate to problems at work; the Union also performs an important welfare and support role for members who face illness; social, financial or domestic difficulties or stress.

BTU Offers The Widest Range Of Free And Discounted Services Of Any UK Trade Union

  • Free 14 days European Travel Insurance*
  • Free Income Protection Insurance*
  • Free Personal Accident Insurance*
  • Free CV Preparation
  • Free Will Writing
  • Free Representation In Industrial Injury Cases
  • Valuable Shopping Discounts

*Terms and conditions apply to all insurance products.

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