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“Return Is Voluntary Over The Summer”

That’s what Matt Sinnott, Group People & Property Director, said recently. The clear implication of his statement was that after the summer holidays, return to offices - in some form - will become compulsory for Lloyds Banking Group staff. In his latest...

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Facts Are Stubborn… Statistics Are Pliable

Pensioner members will recall that on the 25th November 2020, HM Treasury and the UK Statistics Authority published their response to the consultation on the reform of the Retail Price Index (RPI). The so-called reform, if implemented, could result in millions of...

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More Flexibility?

The retail bank is going to be pushing staff for greater flexibility over the next few weeks. In a note to staff, Jo Harris, Managing Director, Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland said: “Our current working patterns and ways of working mean that we don’t always have the...

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Accord Criticises Pay Deal Agreed By Accord.

You couldn’t make this stuff up. In a recent note to his members Accord’s General Secretary criticised this year’s pay deal. He said: “…Accord members have already been impacted by a pay review for 2021 that’s now below inflation”. That’s the same General Secretary...

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From Desktop To Laptop‬

In our recent Working from Home Survey, 63% of members said that they were working more than 7 hours a day and were more productive than they were before the pandemic. According to a recent study of 3 million employees in 21,500 companies published by Harvard Business...

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Playing With Fire

In a note to staff in Old Broad Street, the bank says it's running a Fire Safety pilot between 21 June and 16 July. In that announcement the bank says: “As our ways of working start to change so must some of our processes, and how we manage evacuations due to fires is...

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Where’s Harry?

In a previous Newsletter, we reported that we’d written to Mr Harry Baines, Chairman of Lloyds Banking Group Pension Trustees Limited asking it to join the legal action on behalf of the tens of thousands of pension scheme members whose benefits are going to be reduced...

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