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Legal Action Over Inflation Change

In previous Newsletters we reported that tens of thousands of Lloyds staff would see their pension benefits reduce because of the changes to way pension increases would be calculated in future. Trustees of the BT, Ford and Marks and Spencer pension schemes have a...

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Charlie’s Bazaar

During a recent ‘Town Hall meeting’, Mr. Robin Budenberg, the new Chairman of Lloyds Banking Group, said the bank would be offering a range of non-financial services products to customers in future. Mr. Budenberg declined to give examples of the products Lloyds would...

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Back To Normality In Lloyds?

According to the Office for National Statistics 53% of workers travelled to their place of work last week. The expectation is that will steadily increase after the Easter holidays. The boss of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, said that working from home is not the “new...

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Social Media: Protect Yourself!

Brexit, Covid, Megxit… millions of people share their views online every day. A quick lunchtime tweet on Twitter, sharing or liking a post on Facebook: most people think nothing of it. Yet one ‘in-the-moment’ comment could put your job at risk. We’ve dealt with...

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Union Calls For GDPR Investigation

This issue is not going to go away despite the best efforts of the bank and Accord. Accord have been fobbed off with some useless crumbs from the negotiating table. The bank knows full well that it won’t do anything to rock the boat. Getting MaPAs to record all their...

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The £60 Million Pound Man

In his last presentation to investors, Mr Antonio Horta-Osorio said: “I will be leaving the bank in a better position than when I joined, which should be the purpose of any CEO”. We’ll discuss that below in more detail but he’s certainly leaving the share price...

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Quid Pro Quo

What’s become clear on the back of Accord’s membership drive in Connect, is that in exchange for getting access to staff to persuade them to join the union, it’s also agreed that the rights of Lloyds’ non-signers to protect their working hours should be ignored as...

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Lloyds Using Accord To Drive Contract Changes

Lloyds staff who have signed up for the new Connect telephony teams are being dragooned into ‘compulsory’ Accord recruitment seminars this morning designed to encourage them to join the Bank’s in-pocket Union. Some of the members who have contacted us already say that...

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‘This Is My Landlord, Krook’

Lloyds Banking Group is on the verge of announcing that its entering the Private Rental Housing market. It’s part of the Group’s strategy of generating long-term diversified returns at a time when its net-interest income – the difference between the interest gained on...

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