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Too Little, Too Late

It’s ironic that almost to the day the worst pay deal in living memory became effective, Accord started talking about the cost-of-living crisis, inflation and the bank’s profits. It now says it wants the bank to “make a one-off discretionary payment”. Does Accord not...

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Return Of The Whiteboards

In the rush to achieve Charlie Nunn, the Group Chief Executive’s demanding growth targets we are beginning to see some of the old-style sales techniques - like the use of ‘whiteboards’ to track individual and peer group performance - beginning to creep back into...

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Back to the Future

Charlie Nunn, Group Chief Executive, is shaking up the bank and getting rid of those executives whose faces don’t fit any more. Matt Sinnott, the ex-People and Property Director, had a discussion with Charlie Nunn and it was agreed that he would leave. The bank’s...

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What Cost of Living Crisis?

In the glossy video accompanying the bank’s new strategy, which we will discuss in more detail in a separate Newsletter, Charlie Nunn, Group Chief Executive, was asked what was “the toughest question you’ve been asked so far in preparing for this announcement?”. He...

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Hybrid Working In Lloyds

The Government has dropped its advice for people to work-from-home and we expect that Lloyds will begin getting staff back to offices - if only for part of the week – almost immediately. The working-from-home guidance remains in place in Wales, Scotland and Northern...

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