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Offshoring Madness

Following the reorganisation of its platform teams, details of which were announced on 6th February, the majority of IT jobs in Lloyds Banking Group will now be done by staff working overseas, mainly in India. Think about that for a moment. 96% of Lloyds assets are...

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More Job Cuts

The year’s hardly begun and Lloyds Banking Group has announced that there will be a net reduction of 740 grade C+ roles in the Community Bank. Lloyds has trotted out the usual justifications but it’s clear that its combined branch network (Halifax, Lloyds and Bank of...

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The Other Scandal

The Post Office ‘Horizon’ scandal, depicted brilliantly in ‘Mr Bates v The Post Office’, shows what can happen when big organisations try to cover up their mistakes and blame customers/employees when the real culprits, invariably senior executives, are allowed to walk...

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£700 Million Better Off

Lloyds Banking Group is £700 million better off after getting back the entire £1.2 billion it lent (plus interest) to the Barclays family to finance their ownership of the Telegraph Media Group. Not thinking it would get all the money back, Lloyds is thought to have...

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Lowest Engagement Score Since 2014

As we approach the end of another year, staff in Lloyds Banking Group are more disengaged from the business than they have been since 2014. Anyone who has seen Group Chief Executive Charlie Nunn’s interview entitled ‘A lifetime in banking’ at the Faculty of Economics,...

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Have A Merry Christmas!

In the run-up to Christmas, Lloyds Banking Group thought it would be a good idea to tell 2,800 members of staff working in platform teams that they are being included in yet another selection exercise which could result in them being made redundant and their jobs...

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Night Of The Long Knives?

According to leaked reports in the newspapers at the weekend, Lloyds will announce that it’s ‘reviewing’ 2,500 middle management roles. The implication of such a ‘review’ is that Lloyds is going to want to change the focus of certain roles. Lloyds has been briefing...

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