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178 More Branch Jobs Going

We have just about emerged from the pandemic and Lloyds has seen fit to announce a further 48 branch closures across the Group, with the loss of 178 jobs. That brings a total of 148 branch closures since the beginning of the year. How many more branches are going to...

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Charlie’s World – Part 1

So, what’s going to be different? Is the new Group Chief Executive going to continue with the strategy set out by his predecessor or will Charlie’s world be different? And if it’s going to be different, what might that look like? Mr. Nunn has said that he wants to get...

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BTU Find Charlie’s ‘Lost Bonus’

And it’s worth a staggering £1,316,564, more than enough to buy him a new puncture repair kit. The new Chief Executive, Mr Charlie Nunn, is the only person in Lloyds Banking Group to get a 2020 group bonus payment, albeit based on what he would have earned at HSBC....

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‘Hybrid’ Working – The Next Steps

The bank has now said that 80% of staff will be working from home in hybrid ways and that the “transformation to new ways of working will begin in Q4”. We’re told that the new ways of working are a key focus for the Group Executive Committee and no doubt Charlie Nunn,...

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What, No Holidays?

Well, not quite. One of the things we have missed most during the pandemic and various lockdowns across the UK, other than family and friends of course, has been our annual holidays. Many members will have already been on their 2-weeks holiday or may be reading this...

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Avoiding A ‘TSB’

Lloyds has now confirmed what we recently reported in a Newsletter regarding the roll out of Thought Machine’s Vault technology across the Group. At a recent meeting William Chalmers, Chief Financial Officer, said that: “In the first half of the year, we safely...

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GPS – Bumper Bonus Year?

In his recent presentation to analysts, William Chalmers, Chief Finance Officer, said on Group Profit Share (GPS) that: “We do want to recognise colleagues, given the fact that we paid no bonus last year, we want to recognise to colleagues that things are proceeding...

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FCA Gets Powers To Stop Branch Closures?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is considering introducing new rules which would give it the power to stop banks from closing branches. It is estimated that since the pandemic began, some 529 branches have been earmarked for closure. In June, Lloyds said that it...

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‘Spooky Action At A Distance’

What is the significance of the bank announcing that it is diluting a key part of the Lloyd’s job security policy but not implementing it until 1st January 2024? What’s happening in 2024? We’ve always worked on the basis that whenever the bank says it wants to change...

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