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Relationship Growth, Sales & Performance Improvement

If Charlie Nunn is to achieve his growth objective of producing £1.5 billion of additional revenue by 2026 then the new relationship growth team is going to have to work. It’s now crystal clear to those who have taken up the new roles, that relationship growth is all...

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Severance Budget Increased By £100 Million

We are not in the business of enjoying someone else's misfortune but now we’ve dealt with the ‘Inclusive Language’ nonsense, we can get back to the real bread and butter issues that matter to members and customers. At a recent roundtable session for analysts, Mr...

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The Trustee Acts

We’ve been saying for months that Willis Towers Watson’s level of customer service is woeful. Members have complained about not being able to get through to WTW or not having letters answered. We wrote to Mr Harry Baines, Chairman of the Trustee Board, who also never...

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Diversity Washing – 2

The Union’s recent Newsletter entitled ‘Diversity Washing’ was picked up by several national newspapers, radio stations and TV channels who questioned why Lloyds had rolled out such a dictionary. Many focused on the stupidity of Lloyds telling its own staff -...

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Diversity Washing

The clear economic and organisational arguments for diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace are being drowned out by half-baked schemes which are ineffective and create resentment, muddled thinking on the part of one-dimensional executives and ‘diversity...

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More Branch Closures

Another day and another round of branch closures. According to the latest announcement 53 branches (21 Lloyds, 10 BoS and 22 Halifax) will close between June 2024 and January 2025. Members of staff in the 53 branches will be offered roles in other branches but in many...

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Software Spies

Lloyds is rolling out new spying software that will enable it to monitor more closely and intrusively what staff are doing and when they are doing it. Whatever Lloyds says now, this is the first iteration of a more intrusive approach to monitoring inputs and outputs....

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Offshoring Madness

Following the reorganisation of its platform teams, details of which were announced on 6th February, the majority of IT jobs in Lloyds Banking Group will now be done by staff working overseas, mainly in India. Think about that for a moment. 96% of Lloyds assets are...

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More Job Cuts

The year’s hardly begun and Lloyds Banking Group has announced that there will be a net reduction of 740 grade C+ roles in the Community Bank. Lloyds has trotted out the usual justifications but it’s clear that its combined branch network (Halifax, Lloyds and Bank of...

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