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Have A Merry Christmas!

In the run-up to Christmas, Lloyds Banking Group thought it would be a good idea to tell 2,800 members of staff working in platform teams that they are being included in yet another selection exercise which could result in them being made redundant and their jobs...

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Night Of The Long Knives?

According to leaked reports in the newspapers at the weekend, Lloyds will announce that it’s ‘reviewing’ 2,500 middle management roles. The implication of such a ‘review’ is that Lloyds is going to want to change the focus of certain roles. Lloyds has been briefing...

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We Told You So!

Lloyds Banking Group issued a mass notification notice to all staff working in 125 London Wall at 6.41pm last night. It said: “LBG Group Alert - The landlord of 125 London Wall has completed a Fire Evacuation Test of the building today; as tenants we are currently...

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Passing The Book

Many retired members who value their Lloyds and Halifax passbook accounts have asked whether they can challenge the Bank’s decision to withdraw their accounts. Members will recall that in an earlier Newsletter we reported that Lloyds was planning to get rid of 3.1...

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The Changing Face of Representation

It’s stating the obvious to say that over the last 30 years the workplace has changed dramatically through a combination of technology and much different employer and employee attitudes. One of the areas affected most has been what used to be personnel, now human...

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Muscle Memory & Sales

In a previous Newsletter we reported that the newly appointed Customer Channels, Managing Director, Mark Steel, was using old style sales language in his meetings with managers. On a call to branch managers he talked about “product sales”, “product holdings”, “product...

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