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Security At Work

Job insecurity, unfair treatment over pay and working conditions, excessive working hours, problems getting time off, discrimination, harassment, bullying: the list of potential problems at work is endless and most people have no one to turn to for help.

BTU offers its members the advice, support and where necessary the protection they need to get a fair deal at work.

We’ll help you with any work-related problem, guiding you through the minefield that is the modern workplace, ensuring your legal rights are protected and giving practical advice on how you can lift the pressure of the sort of problems that most of us face during our careers. We’ll represent you in any grievance or disciplinary procedures, and if necessary present your case at the Employment Tribunal.


Lloyds Banking Group staff are represented by an independent trade union committed to protecting their interests and their interests alone.


To join BTU and gain access to all our services call us now on 01234 262868 or click this text and submit the short form you’ll be taken to.


Information when you need it most. Working in a rapidly changing industry you need authoritative, up to date information. Most importantly you need information you can rely on.

Latest News

“Return Is Voluntary Over The Summer”

That’s what Matt Sinnott, Group People & Property Director, said recently. The clear implication of his statement was that after the summer holidays, return to offices - in some form - will become compulsory for Lloyds Banking Group staff. In his latest...

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Facts Are Stubborn… Statistics Are Pliable

Pensioner members will recall that on the 25th November 2020, HM Treasury and the UK Statistics Authority published their response to the consultation on the reform of the Retail Price Index (RPI). The so-called reform, if implemented, could result in millions of...

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