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What’s The Point Of Accord?

In a startling revelation the in-house staff union, Accord, has admitted that it was not told about the bank’s decision to force MaPAs to secretly record all telephone calls without telling customers, in breach GDPR regulations. It’s difficult to know where to begin...

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Executives Trouser Millions

It always in the fine print. So, Lloyds staff got no bonuses for 2020 despite the bank making a pre-tax profit of £1.2bn. The bank says that staff didn’t get GPR awards because Lloyds didn’t hit its underlying profit target for 2020. Now, Mr. Horta-Osorio was awarded...

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Share Options For The GEC?

The bank will announce its results for 2020 on Wednesday. It will also provide details of its recognition shares for staff. Members shouldn’t get too excited because the value of those shares is not going to cover the loss of the Group Performance Shares Awards for...

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Bank Breaches ICO Regulations

The Information Commissioner’s Office has confirmed to the union that customers do need to be informed if telephone calls are being recorded by the bank regardless of the reasons for those recordings. It falls under ‘Principle (a): Lawfulness, fairness and...

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Recording Telephone Calls

We understand from members that the bank is now saying that all outbound telephone calls made by MaPAs should be recorded. It says: “MCI should now be used to record all outbound customer interactions”. We understand why the bank is recording the calls but why are...

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Retail Redundancies – Guidance

Last week the bank announced that all staff in grades C to G in branch management and area office teams could either opt to remain with the business or opt to leave the bank on the agreed redundancy terms. Many members have already contacted the union to discuss their...

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Retail Banking Redundancies

The bank has said that all staff in grades C to G in branch management and area officer teams can either opt to remain with the business or opt to be considered for leaving the bank on the agreed redundancy terms. The bank has said this is a “slightly different...

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Leadership Get New Social Media Guidance

Lloyds has just issued guidance to senior managers on the use of social media. That guidance is supposed to be shared with Lloyds staff. In the guidance Lloyds says that staff shouldn’t post anything on any social media sites if it’s possible that someone, somewhere...

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