The new sales dashboards for individual members of staff are just a few weeks old but what’s crystal clear is that staff are now being manged exclusively according to their sales data. Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse for members.

We said that the introduction of the dashboard would result in an increasing focus on the ‘what’ of performance. That’s exactly what’s happening. Staff are regularly being asked:

“What have you achieved today?”;

“How many referrals have you made to the new relationship managers?”;

“Why didn’t you talk about insurance during that interview?” and

“You should have focused more on the customer’s objections and challenged them proactively”.

These are just a snapshot of the comments we’ve received from members since the dashboards were introduced. Some line managers have been told to focus on their lower performing members of staff and, if they don’t improve, then manage them through the performance improvement process quickly.

It’s important that members whose performance is challenged, in any way, contact the Union immediately. Waiting and hoping the issue won’t go any further or will go away is going to make things worse and will make our job in representing you massively more difficult.

Members can tell us about their experiences of the new dashboards by emailing us at

We will be carrying out a survey of all those members in Relationship Growth at the end of July 2024.

In the meantime, members who come under pressure should contact the Union’s Advice Team for advice and guidance on 01234 262868 (Choose Option 1).

Trustee Backs Down

In our last Newsletter we reported that having commissioned a survey about the performance of Willis Towers Watson, the Trustee was refusing to publish the results.

However, following pressure from this union, the Trustee has changed its mind and will now publish the key findings from the survey and an action plan setting out what it intends to do to improve the service for members.

We will produce a follow up Newsletter, when we’ve had an opportunity to review the results.


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