We understand from members that the bank is now saying that all outbound telephone calls made by MaPAs should be recorded. It says: “MCI should now be used to record all outbound customer interactions”. We understand why the bank is recording the calls but why are they not telling customers? MaPAs are being told that: “You don’t need to inform the customer that the conversation is being recorded”. Why not? Surely the customer has the right to know that a conversation they are taking part in is being recorded by the bank. If there is a dispute about what was said during that conversation, then the customer would want to know that they could refer to that recording. We are investigating whether recording calls without the consent of customers is a breach of the Data Protection Act. It also puts our members in an invidious position. How does a MaPA respond if a customer asks whether the telephone call is being recorded or not? Do they lie or tell the truth? If they tell the truth does that open them up to disciplinary action?

If the bank thinks it’s appropriate to record customer telephone calls, then it must tell customers that’s what it’s doing. The bank needs to change its position on this issue very quickly.

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