Feedback from members shows that in too many branches staff are being placed at risk of Covid-19. Examples of unacceptable practices are:

1. Excessive numbers of staff being forced to report for work.

2. Staff being given odd-jobs when they should be at home or attending only on a rota basis.

3. Failures to compel customers and staff to observe the social distancing rules.

BTU is producing a branch by branch survey that will represent the last chance for Lloyds to get a grip on this situation.

Local management need very clear direction on what they must and must not do. This guidance must be compulsory and come from the top with no scope for it to be ignored. This is not working currently.

Equally, if you are a line manager you should refuse to accept instructions to act in ways that breach the government’s guidelines e.g. failing to implement the social distancing rules.

We will publish the results of this survey by the end of this week, naming any branches in which staff are being placed at risk.

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