As a Lloyds group employee you have a statutory legal right to be accompanied at all formal meetings with the Bank, including grievance and disciplinary hearings. BTU advisers are able to represent you at these meetings, so you have professional advice on hand and are supported every inch of the way. If necessary, BTU will represent you at any Employment Tribunal that may result.

And when faced with a disciplinary charge everyone needs an advocate. People who think they can represent themselves in an area as complex as employment law really are asking for trouble when the Bank employs an army of HR professionals backed up by a legal team. And the idea of getting advice from a lawyer, who won’t be able to represent them anyway, at about £200 to £300 per hour, is a bit fanciful.

Last year across the Union we supported over 3,100 members in cases of all different types and everyone was represented by an Official or one of our in-house lawyers.

If your job’s on the line you need to know you’re going to be represented by professionals and it would be an unequal fight without someone on your side with the expertise to look after you and, just as important, the independence and willingness to fight your corner.

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