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Tier 4 Restrictions & Lloyds

At the Government’s recent press conference, the UK’s top scientist, Sir Patrick Valance, warned that the new strain of coronavirus is now “everywhere” in the country and the likelihood is that more areas will be moved into Tier 4 in the next few weeks. The Welsh...

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Moving Between Branches

Lloyds has said that: “colleagues will work from one branch only, unless needed as ‘critical resource’, to open and run another branch”. The reality for many staff is quite different. We’re getting a large number of telephone calls from members who are being asked to...

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1,000 Jobs Go On Eve Of Lockdown

The timing of yesterday’s announcement from Lloyds is quite simply cruel. And we don’t say that lightly. To announce 1,000 job cuts on the eve of the second national lockdown beggars belief. The fact the timing was agreed with the bank financed, in-house staff unions...

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The Sound of Silence

The UK faces a “medical and moral” disaster unless tough action is taken to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the Prime Minister said yesterday. And no one, who saw the report from Fergus Walsh, BBC Medical Editor, at the Royal Liverpool Hospital can be in any doubt...

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The Lloyds “Circuit-breaker”

The second wave is well and truly here and crucial to what happens next will be all “our behaviours”. Large parts of the country are now under local lockdowns and the likelihood is that we will all move up the three-level scale at different times. There is every...

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Working From Home Survey

Thousands of Lloyds staff are still working from home and the likelihood is that this is going to continue well into next year. Has the novelty worn off? Are you suffering from ‘Zoom fatigue’? Are you desperate to get back to the office to see friends and colleagues?...

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